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Re: nautilus and fam... the saga continues


You see, the "problem" is that when you try to eject certain media, it
will complaint saying that the device is busy. Which indeed is the case
because FAM is locking it for whatever reason. The simplest way to see
this happening is to insert a CD with a movie, open it with nautilus, if
you setup Totem to do the video-thumbnails for you, you will see a icon
with a picture from a frame of the movie... Double-click to play the
movie. Close totem and then umount or eject the CD. If you see the
"device is busy" error (sometimes it works and you don't see this
error), then use "lsof" to see what's open...

Describing the process is long, and excuse me for my vague example, but
I'm sure this has happen to every single person using Gnome and
Nautilus+Fam in a Debian system -- especially if you mount lots of
remote media from SMB, NFS, CD, Floppy, Zip, etc...

Just to make a nice analogy, in my iMac running MacOS X 10.3 I'm always
able to eject any media no matter what I was doing with it. NFS mounts,
SAMBA, whatever, you name it... Now that's how things should be with
Gnome. Just work.

Funny thing it used to work under Gnome 2.2. Now it does work when you restart FAM. If Nautilus and FAM combination does not release mounted media, restart FAM with /etc/init.d/fam restart and then Nautilus and FAM works like a charm. Mount media play a movie then unmount with Nautilus window open and it kills the window and unmounts the media.


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