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Re: nautilus and fam... the saga continues


Am Sa, den 24.01.2004 schrieb Luis M um 23:56:
> Just to make a nice analogy, in my iMac running MacOS X 10.3 I'm always
> able to eject any media no matter what I was doing with it. NFS mounts,
> SAMBA, whatever, you name it... Now that's how things should be with
> Gnome. Just work.

I think the right way is a way for the kernel to signal all processes
using the mounted fs, that it should be unmounted, and if the processes
decide to let go of it, they can do it. Doesn't fam already talk to the
kernel, to avoid polling? Maybe this could be extended.

But I'm in no way into kernel hacking, so I have no idea if this is
actually possible or how.

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