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Re: Re: galeon on arm: why has no build been attempted since Sept.?

galeon is now built on arm, so I had thought that meta-gnome2 would go in.
However, bjorn.haxx.se now says:

* Adding meta-gnome2 makes 1 packages uninstallable on alpha: gnome-help
  (recur was tried but failed)

However, gnome-help is supposed to go away; it is from Gnome 1.4.  It is
superseded by yelp, if I understand things correctly.  However, the yelp
package does not declare any relationship with gnome-help.

How should this be solved?  Say that yelp replaces gnome-help?  Or make a
new gnome-help that's just a metapackage, that brings in the appropriate
Gnome 2 help packages?

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