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GnuPG + Gnome -> broken


I have a really annoying problem with GnuPG and Gnome2/GTK2. I think,
but I'm not sure, that since I have upgraded from Gnome2.2 to Gnome2.4
(SID) packages, GnuPG is broken. Every GTK2/Gnome2 application that uses
GnuPG don't work.
I have tested Nautilus, Evolution, Seahorse and GPA. All these programs
don't recognise my (correct) mantra. (I have also tried to create a new
key set, but Seahorse and GPA shows only an error message ("General
If I try gpg from the console, GnuPG works fine. It works also with
Gnome1/GTK1.2 applications (I have tested GnomePGP).
Has anyone a an idea how I could solve the problem, or what the reason
could be?


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