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Re: Gnome panel password protect

Tendril wrote:
> Jordi Mallach wrote:
>> On Wed, Jan 07, 2004 at 05:15:21PM -0800, Matt Brubeck wrote:
>>> I don't know of a simple way to password-protect a panel, but you
>>> can right-click on an applet and choose "Lock" to prevent it from
>>> accidentally being moved or deleted.
>> From CVS commit messages and strings I have trasnalted, I know GNOME
>> 2.6's panel has some "kiosk" functionality, and you can lock it and
>> its applets so they can't be modified at all.
> I can't seem to find how to lock it up. Right clicking does't give me
> any lock option and neither does looking in the panel properties :(

In Gnome 2.4 (currently in Debian unstable), you can right-click an
individual applet (e.g. the menubar, task list, workspace switcher) and
choose "Lock" to prevent that applet from being moved accidentally.

In Gnome 2.6 (not yet released), you will be able to lock down an entire
panel by setting certain gconf keys, and prevent non-root users from
changing the panel.

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