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Re: why are gconf schemas installed into /etc

On Mon, 2004-01-05 at 22:40, Erich Schubert wrote:
> I was just wondering, why gconf schemas are installed into /etc ?
> IMHO they should be installed into /var and not be considered conffiles.

If you dig into the archives you shall see I bought this up some time
ago.  I poked Havoc and he admitted /etc is the wrong location, and
thinks that /usr/share is the best place.  However, changing that now
can break any apps, so hopefully he'll fix it in GConf 3 (whatever that
will be).

> Is there some "uninstall" function for gconf schemas? Right now i guess
> that many packages will either not uninstall their schema even when
> purged (gnome-applets doesn't do this in .postrm or .prerm, and the
> extracted schemata are not listed as conffiles either) or will just
> brute-force "rm -r" a subtree (like galeon, which assumes no other
> application will store configuration in apps/galeon. ;-) )

gconftool 2.4 has --uninstall-schema.  It's part of my grand scheme to
finish dh_gconf to support uninstalling schemas on purge, and get this
into debhelper.  Then the GNOME CDBS rules can call it like they do
already with dh_scrollkeeper, and everything works! Yay!

I'll try and finish dh_gconf today and file a wishlist bug with

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