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Re: shutdown from gnome logout dialog

El lun, 15-09-2003 a las 21:06, Thomas Morin escribió:
> Hi,



> Here is the principle I propose :
>   - at logout, gnome-session proposes the reboot and halt options to the user
>   - if halt [or reboot] is chosen, a $HOME/.gdm-halt file [or .gdm-reboot]
>     file is created
>   - in the gdm PostSession script (which is run by gdm as root), the
>     existence of those files is tested
>   - if one of them exists and if the configuration allows, shutdown
>     (or reboot) of the workstation is triggered

It's not a bad idea but it has some security issues. What happens if an
application executes "touch $HOME/.gdm-reboot"? the user does not want
reboot the machine but a virus/trojan could do it without problems



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