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Gnome 2.4 in sid

So to recap the points made:

- The glibc/gcc problem in testing isn't going to be resolved quickly.
- Even after this it will take a lot to get gnome 2.2 in to testing.
- it will be a pain to get gnome 2.4 built on all architectures in the
  mean time.
- gnome 2.4 is very stable.
- by the time gnome 2.2 could go in to testing gnome 2.4 would most
  likely be just as stable (gnome 2.4.1 should be out by then aswell as
  all portability problems solved)

I think its obvious that gnome 2.4 should be uploaded to sid right away.

We would be repeating the same mistake that XSF did with woody if we
didn't work on gnome 2.4 until gnome 2.2 goes in to testing.

Also debian would get a ton of bad press if it didn't ship gnome 2.4
(And I bet gnome 2.6 will be out before testing is stable). So
we should get gnome 2.4 in right away to try and avoid this.


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