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Re: Epiphany ready for production?

El Thu, Sep 04, 2003 at 02:03:42PM +0200, Marcelo E. Magallon escribio:
>  Hmmm... I see.
> Package: j2re1.4
> Versions: 
>  not good?

Not, see:

$ dpkg -l | grep j2
ii  j2re1.4    Blackdown Java(TM) 2 Runtime Environment, St
ii  j2sdk1.4    Blackdown Java(TM) 2 SDK, Standard Edition
ii  j2sdk1.4-demo    Blackdown Java(TM) 2 SDK, Standard Edition,
ii  j2sdk1.4-src    Blackdown Java(TM) 2 SDK, Standard Edition,

And for the flash plugin:

$ dpkg -l | grep flash
ii  flashplugin-no 6.0.79-2       Macromedia Flash plugin installer

(it's flashplugin-nonfree).

The plugins work with epiphany, galeon, mozilla and mozilla-firebird:

$ dpkg -l epiphany-browser galeon mozilla-browser mozilla-firebird
ii  epiphany-brows 0.9.2-1        Intuitive GNOME web browser
ii  galeon GNOME web browser for advanced users
ii  mozilla-browse 1.4-3          Mozilla Web Browser - core and browser
ii  mozilla-firebi 0.6.1-4        a light-weight browser based on Mozilla

The j2* packages are made following the instructions from:


A snip:

You can get a working j2re1.4 (blackdown doesn't provide 1.3 compiled with
gcc 3.x) following this procedure :
- getting the "official" binary package 
- getting the diff file made by Sebastien Noël 
- put the binary package into some directory
- inside this directory, use the patch with the command line :
# patch -p1 -i /path/to/j2se1.4-i586_1.
- now you can create a package with dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot or fakeroot 
debian/rules binary


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