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Re: Debian new stable, GNOME & Ximian Patches


> For what its worth, I do not like Ximian's GTK+2 theme. The widgets are
> too lightly colored for me. (Red Hat's Bluecurve is still my favorite.)
	I prefer too the Bluecurve theme, but i can't suuport the icons. So i
have a mix between Bluecurve and Industrial (Ximian's one)

> Otherwise, I'm interested in seeing Ximian's (and your) improvements.

Woody Sources:

	deb ftp://linux.upsa.es/pub/RC2/ ./
	deb ftp://linux.upsa.es/pub/OO.O/ ./
	deb ftp://linux.upsa.es/pub/XFREE4.3/ ./

apt-get install xd2-core

	That's all you need.

	Ghe Rivero

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