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Re: evolution causes al lot of uw-imapd disk activitiy

Le dim 15/06/2003 à 11:57, Juergen Lueters a écrit :
> I am using evoluton (1.4), uw-imapd on debian unstable. Evolution and 
> uw-imapd are running on the same system.
> Evolution and uw-imapd are causing a _lot_ of disk traffic, which makes 
> the system almost unusable
> for  minutes. Mozilla mail does not show any problem.
> Has anybody else seen this problem?

Not exactly the same, but I often use Evo (debian unstable) from a
dial-up account, connecting to my DSL uw-imapd (debian stable). Evo is a
bandwidth hog, and retrieving mail is a pain. OTOH, Mozilla is way
lighter bandwidth-wise.
I've now switched to IMP when reading mail on the road.


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