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Re: GNOME 2.2 summary 13/06/2003

Johannes Rohr <j.rohr@gmx.de> writes:

> Christian Marillat <marillat.christian@wanadoo.fr> writes:
>> Hi,
>> Please don't upload new packages, we really need to see GNOME 2 in
>> testing.
> [...]
> But packages which are out of date on some arch(es) are blocked from
> testing anyway, not? I'm asking because I'm co-maintaining
> nautilus-media, and in cannot be built on most arches until gstreamer
> is available on them.

Of course if a package doesn't build for all archs this should be fixed
otherwise this package will stay in unstable. I'm talking about main
libraries like glib/gtk, libgnome or libgnomeui.


> P.S.: cupsys is still not in testing yet, because the testing scripts
> need some manual hinting to pass it through. So, many if not most
> Gnome 2 packages are still stalled.

Core packages doesn't depends on libgnomeprint, then this is not really
a problem.


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