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Re: 'shutdown' options

On Wed, Jun 04, 2003 at 10:02:47AM -0700, Pete Shinners wrote:
> this is more of a gnome than debian question, but...
> how do i enable the "Shutdown" and "Reboot" buttons on the logout 
> dialog? it seems if i am logged in as root they are available, but i'd 
> like to shutdown when i'm normally logged in as well.

Look at the archive of this list about a discussion i took part in about
this selfsame subject.

Hopefully it will be part of the gnome 2.4 target, but upto now, you
cannot do it (but redhat somehow patched gnome 2.2 to support it).

> i assume this is permissions on something, but i have been unable to 
> figure out what to change. i'm using debian unstable, but i'm sure 
> applies to all gnome2 platforms.



Sven Luther

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