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Re: Ximian Desktop 2 & Debian

Am Mit, 2003-06-04 um 15.31 schrieb Ross Burton:
> Regarding the platforms XD2 targets -- remember that XD2 is an
> enterprise desktop aimed at corporations/university/government, and runs
> of the platforms most often asked for by the corporations. Amusingly one
> corporation apparently wanted XD2 on Gentoo, but Ximian refused to
> support it... :)

Ok. But I am actually responsible for two computer pools in my
department at university and I ever liked to install a base system from
cd and apt-get xwindows as well as install XD1 over the net.

With the new red-carpet I thought that the last point would even become
easier to do - now, since they might not support debian I had a look
into redhat which really takes much longer to install, clutters your
disk with software not needed and is different in configuration [1]

So, count me in supporting a XD2-for-debian-project.


[1] Everything said after just installing it one time and having a rough
look into it - so everything might be easier once used to it.

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