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[Fwd: [unstable] terrible gnome 2.2 performance problems]

Some problems I posted to Debian-user and that I haven't solved.
I searched the archive and it may be the same problem as encountered by
Chun Kit Edwin Lau in November.

Please have a look to the strange memory 'hiccup'.


Jerome Lacoste (Frisurf) <lacostej@frisurf.no>
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I run Debian unstable with a self compiled kernel 2.4.20 Gnome 2.2,
metacity latest nautilus and XFree etc... Detailed configuration
attached as a compressed file.

Evolution is the only application (apart from panels and nautilus)
running most of the time.

Since I upgraded to gnome 2.2 (I never used gnome 2.0 on that machine),
my graphical environment became so slow I am about to start reinstalling
from scratch my system if it doesn't get solved soon. Any operation
related to widgets or workspace put my system down for 5-10 seconds!
Unbelievable. I had no problem running Gnome 1.4 under kernel 2.4.18 and
NVidia 1.2910.

The machine is a 1.2 Ghz laptop with 512 Mo.

E.g. of operation that put my system down:
- open the context menu in nautilus 
- switch workspace
- kill an application

Doing my investigation I noticed by doing this in a shell:
  while [ 1 ] ; do procinfo; sleep 2; done

that memory goes up 4-5 Mo each time I open or close the menu that comes
by right clicking on my desktop.
it goes up and down when I open it, AND it goes up and down when I
release. But the memory allocated while displaying the context menu is
the same as the one allocated -before- I open the menu. Strange isn't

Anybody with similar problems?
Any idea where to look at to get more information?
Could it be related to fonts?



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