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Gnome2.2 backport for Debian Woody available for download

First of all, a big thanks to all the Debian maintainers for making such
good source packages.  They did all the real work.  Also, thank you
DebianPlanet.org for hosting the archive of my gnome2.2 backport for
Debian Woody.  The upgrade has been smooth for me from gnome 1.4 (woody)
as well as from Gustavo Noronha's gnome2 backport.

Add this to your /etc/apt/sources.list:
deb http://mirrors.evilgeniuses.org.uk/debian/backports/woody gnome2.2/
deb-src http://mirrors.evilgeniuses.org.uk/debian/backports/woody gnome2.2/

I recommend exiting gnome if you are currently in it.  To install, simply do:
apt-get update
apt-get install gnome-core gdm gtk2-engines*

For the gnome2.2 development packages, you can do:
apt-get install gnome-core-devel

And to pull in various other pieces of gnome software, do:
apt-get install gnome

I have backported gnucash 1.8.1, mozilla 1.2.1, galeon 1.2.7, and evolution 1.2.2
among other things.  If you want to upgrade evolution, it is advised that you
shutdown evolution and run the killev script.

You can optionally do an 'apt-get -u dist-upgrade' which will pull in
all the development support packages that were needed to compile these
(eg backported automake, debconf, etc).

These packages were tested on various machines, and appear solid.  Bugs should
be filed at http://bugzilla.gnome.org unless you think it is a packaging bug 
(eg it conflicts with other woody packages), in which case send them to me.

If you are interested in how the backport was done, please visit:


Potential problem:  when logging in for the first time, you may need to
run 'fc-cache' from a terminal.  This appears to be a fontconfig issue
and is not specific to this backport.

Jamie Strandboge

Email:        jstrand1@rochester.rr.com
GPG/PGP ID:   26384A3A
Fingerprint:  D9FF DF4A 2D46 A353 A289  E8F5 AA75 DCBE 2638 4A3A

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