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default browser settings...

Hello all,

I run debian unstable and a couple days ago I installed KDE3.1 just to try
it, and some thing is weird with Gnome2 now.  When I went to switch from
kdm back to gdm, for example, dpkg-reconfigure didn't work right right,
and I had edit /etc/X11/default-display-manager by hand.  More
significantly, when I right clicked on a url in gnome-terminal and chose
'open link'...konqueror started up in the middle of my Gnome session.(?)
This is highly annoying!  I noticed there two main settings in
Applications-> Desktop Prefs-> Advanced -> Preffered Applications, and
if I select Mozilla manually it's fine, buy why does 'sensible-browser
%s' under the Custom Web Browser button (which I assume is the default)
choose Konqueror now?

Much appreciated,

PS please cc me since I'm not subscribed to this mailing list

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