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Re: xdmcp, chooser and gdm

On 15 Feb 2003, Sean Harshbarger wrote:

> I would make sure you use the gdm 2.4.x package as xdmcp is fairly easy
> to setup. All you have to do is activate xdmcp in gdm on the 1st
> computer, then on the 2nd computer you have to issue X -query x.x.x.x in

Which is explicitely *NOT* what he asked.
He asked how to set up gdm on one computer so you can -choose- what other
computer (ALSO running [gxk]dm) to connect to. There is some code (or at
least there was in gdm 2.0) to let you choose a host (the choser), which
does work, he just asked how to set it up.
I remember getting it set up (halfway) with gdm 2.0 at one point, I just
don't remember how I did it. (I don't think it was running from gdm, I
think I just launched it manually or something).

> a console (without any other X servers running)and then the 2nd

Also not true. X -query x.x.x.x :1

> computers login will appear on the 1st.


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Jan Van Buggenhout

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