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VTE performance fixes for interested souls

Hi gang,

There's been some grumbling about the performance of GNOME's new terminal
widget, vte, here and in other places. Just wanted to let you know that
Nalin has released 0.10.20, which goes a very long way to fixing most of
these (with performance diagnostics by Ingo Molnar)...

ls -lR /dev with 0.10.18:
  real    0m1.756s
  user    0m0.040s
  sys     0m0.010s

ls -lR /dev with 0.10.18:
  real    0m0.332s
  user    0m0.040s
  sys     0m0.020s


- Jeff

            o/~ we all live in a yellow subroutine o/~ - auspex             

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