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What version of gnome 2 will be in sarge? [was: Re: What about moving GNOME 2.1.x stuff into experimental?]

On Wed, 2002-11-27 at 05:11, Jeff Waugh wrote:


> But then, GNOME 2.2.0 will be coming out in late January (if I have anything
> to do with it, cue sound effects of whips cracking and the like).  That's
> probably pre-sarge, right? [1]

It would be great but I don't think sarge will be released so early.
The gcc 3.2 transition didn't started yet (afaik) and this will need
some time.:(
If sarge will come out in Jan or Feb I agree it should be shipped with
2.0.x but if it will be later it should get 2.2.x.

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