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Re: Gettings your Gnome2 system back

Daniel Farrell <daniel@farrells.org> writes:

> It's easier than everything everyone has been saying.  Here you go:

> dpkg -i libbonobo* bonobo*
> >From the directory you downloaded the packages.
> You will want to run dselect and put those packages on hold as well so
> they don't upgrade again. 

That won't affect apt-get's behaviour, not? For apt-get users, isn't
the following the more appropriate way? (into /etc/apt/preferences):

Package: libbonobo-activation4
Pin: version 1.0.3*
Pin_priority: 998

Package: bonobo-activation
Pin: version 1.0.3*
Pin_priority: 998

Package: libbonobo-activation-dev
Pin: version 1.0.3*
Pin_priority: 998

> That's just an = sign when on the packages. 
> That gets you a working system.  Oh, and the new gthumb2 package
> requires them so you might have to delete it.
> On a side, can someone tell me why messed up packages aren't deleted off
> of the distro?

Well, they simply stay in unstable because it's unstable. But they
don't enter testing.



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