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Re: Missing keybindings in gnome2 ?

* Celine <celine.liste@free.fr> [2002-10-31 12:40]:
> Hi all,
> I've got some problem with the keybinding. I'd like to add new
> shortcuts, as I used to use with gnome1 but in the menu "keybinding",
> I've just 4 keybindings available only for the desktop. 
> I'd like to create some new shortcuts, but I can't find how to do that.
> I had watched the help file, and the screenshot shows more options
> (Windows Management for example).
> Does someone know how to do that ?

metacity bindings:
open gconf-editor, go to apps, go to metacity, make bindings :)

desktop preferences/advanced/sawfish/bindings

but i guess u use metacity, so the first method is the method of choice.


> Céline
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