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Stupid problem w/ panel


First - I happily upgraded to gnome2 ;-)
(everything went rather smooth, besides that there's no GnuGadu
version for gnome2 yet, so I had to swith to gtk version - no docklet)

Then I have created "sliding panel" at the bottom/center of my desktop
screen and moved there all the launch icons I use.
I also changed background bitmap to be the same as my desktop
bitmap so it gave me that "transparency" look.

But there were buttons - one on each side of panel which looked
still the same - gnomish gray. So I turned them off to try how
it looks.

The problems is that now I can't find any place I can click w/ right
mouse button to change panel properties.

I know - it's stupid problem, but it's true. :-/

Where shall I dig? Which text file? Or maybe I am missing sth.

Thanks in advance

				Grzegorz B. Prokopski

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