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Re: gnome-wm

Am Die, 2002-10-29 um 21.07 schrieb Colin Walters:
> Hi all 
> So, a number of people have complained that GNOME has started up using
> twm or whatever.  I think that if the WINDOW_MANAGER environment
> variable isn't set, we shouldn't just blindly fall back to
> x-window-manager.  After all, most of those managers aren't NETWM
> compliant, and I don't know anyone who seriously wants to use twm with
> GNOME.  So I suggest we look at x-window-manager, and if it's metacity
> or sawfish, we accept that.  If not, we look for metacity or sawfish,
> and take one of them if present.  If neither are present, then we just
> use whatever is in x-window-manager. 

As a non-developer I _strongly_ support your proposal for a change,
preferably by introducing an new alternative. 

The current setup is a real showstopper for Gnome 2. _Every_ new user
with limited experience stumbles over this issue and many don't know,
how to solve it. I just did several days of email support to someone who
was unable to find a solution. Finally he ended up by manually adding
sawfish to the list of (non session management aware) startup programs.

If Gnome 2 is really targeted at the inexperienced user, such things
_must not_ happen!



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