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Re: gnome1 -> gnome2 menu problem

* Matt Brubeck <mbrubeck@cs.hmc.edu> [2002-10-10/29/02 11:28]:
> On Oct 29, Christian Arthaber wrote:
> > i guess i have something strange here: there's no menu entry for fonts,
> > none for the control center, none for nautilus. i figured out that when
> > running gnome-control-center everythings where it presumably should be -
> > but why nothing shows up in the menu?
> "Font" should be in Desktop Preferences under the Applications menu.

ain't there. that's why i wrote my message :)

> "Home Folder" in the Applications menu opens Nautilus.
see above

> The control center isn't used in the default Gnome 2 setup.  You can
> access the preferences under Desktop Preferences, or by going to
> preferences: in Nautilus (accessible from the start-here: folder).
i don't have a start here folder on my desktop. just when i start
nautilus i can chose it in the go to menu. other users on my system have
no problem with this. 

i'd like to know if there is a way to include "home-folder" in my
application menu, and of course fonts etc.


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