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Debian GNOME 2 Transition First Call for Skilled Testers

** Debian GNOME 2 Transition First Call for Skilled Testers ** 
*** This is NOT a general announcement users to upgrade *** 
*** This announcement is only for people running unstable, not woody ***
OK, this is the first call for dedicated, knowledgeable Debian GNOME
users to test out the GNOME 1 -> GNOME 2 transition scripts.  If you
don't have enough knowledge to help us debug the scripts, and are not
willing to give detailed bug reports to this list, please wait until
GNOME 2 hits unstable, and we've hopefully ironed out most of the bugs. 

Christian and I have finished a rough version of the scripts.  They have
been tested on a number of user's .gnome directories, and generally
speaking, they work, unless your desktop is totally insane.  What we
need now is for people to try them out, and report bugs here.  

The scripts are contained in a modified gnome-session package.  You
should be prompted when you first log in if you want to convert your old
settings.   After the scripts have run, and you're logged in, you should
be asked whether or not the upgrade succeeded.  Whether you say yes or
no, please report any problems to the list: 

Please send an email to this list, containing: 
1) The *important* parts from your  ~/.gnome-errors or
2) A copy of ~/.gnome2/debian-upgrade.log 
3) A description of what you experienced. 
4) A URL where we can download a tarball of your ~/.gnome directory. 

Not all applet types are converted.  Many of them don't exist in the
GNOME 2 default distribution.  One type that we'd like to support is the
multiload applet, but it isn't yet.  Also, we don't automatically
transition from GMC to nautilus. That will be fixed.

So you want to help?  Great!  Modified gnome-session binaries for i386
and powerpc are here: 

    deb http://verbum.org/~walters/debian/ staging/$(ARCH)/ 
    deb http://verbum.org/~walters/debian/ staging/all/ 
    deb-src http://verbum.org/~walters/debian/ staging/source/ 

** The transition plan from here 
After we've ironed out the bugs that are sure to arise, the updated
gnome-session package will be uploaded to experimental, stay there
perhaps a week (longer if we encounter lots of bugs), and then finally
we'll begin uploading it, along with all of GNOME 2 to unstable. 

Again, please don't upgrade yet unless you know what you're doing and
you are willing to help report bugs!  Thanks. 

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