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Re: Upgrading already installed gnome2 stuff

Le Sat, Oct 19, 2002 at 05:55:54PM +0200, Sven Luther écrivait:
> > | Package: *
> > | Pin: release a=experimental
> > | Pin-Priority: 400
> > 
> > ( "| " is just to mark the citation, you should not copy it of course)
> This will pin only the experimental packages already installed on your
> box, right, not other experimental package were you have the
> non-experimental packages installed ?

Strictly speaking it pins all packages of experimental to 400. But
installed packages have a priority of 500 so they are of higher priority
than experimental ones ...

But APT is a smart tool and it understands that the package coming from
experimental have a higher version number that the unstable package
which should have been there and thus decides of its own to track
experimental for those packages.

Everything is explained in man apt_preferences but you'll have to read it
twice or thrice to be sure to understand it correctly. :-)

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