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Are there any plans to update GNOME2 for woody ?

Hi all,

I've sent this letter to Gustavo Noronha Silva (kov@debian.org), but got answer from mailserver: lmtp.poa.terra.com.br[] said: 552
    5.2.2 Mailbox full (Caixa postal cheia)

Maybe somebody from mailing list could help me ?

In Baltic states soon will be the biggest IT expo - InfoBalt. We want to
present Debian Woody and GNOME2 in this expo, but existing GNOME2
backport is pretty old and has big problems with scrollkeeper (setting
up of some packages lasts about 30 minutes :(see for example bug 161075
or 159680).
Maybe you can update GNOME2 backport for woody ?

Please, we like GNOME and Debian ;)


Good luck,
Egle Girinaite <eglyte@centras.lt>

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