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Re: nautilus2: double clicking a file opens two apps

On Sat, 19 Oct 2002, Timo Aaltonen wrote:

> 	Hi
>   In list-mode, double clicking a file opens two applications (if the
> file type has been defined to be handled by some app, of course...).
> Redhat 8.0 doesn't have this bug. I also tried creating a new luser, but
> even with fresh configs the bug remains.
> I've been running these experimental debs since early June, so maybe
> some old cruft might (still) be lurking somewhere on this system...
> oh btw, I'm of course running Sid.

uhh, I thought nautilus2 didn't have a bug page of its own, but it does.
I also thought the package was from experimental (without "2"), that's why
I used the xfree-prerelease custom to report the bug to the list. sorry

but, to add to the original post: I _do_ have the "activate items with a
double click" set on =)

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