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Re: How to change fixed font in GNOME2?

Evolution is a GTK1/GNOME1 app, and it isn't likely (from what I can
tell) that GNOME2 will offer an easy way to modify those settings any
time soon.  Indeed, the response I see most often to queries about GNOME
settings for Evolution/Galeon is to "install the old control center."

Once Evolution is moved to the GNOME2 platform (that seems like it may
happen right around GNOME3 being released... ;-)  this issue will

Otherwise, post some comments on the bugs in *GNOME* bugzilla about how
useful ahving the GNOME2 control-center being able to modify the GNOME1
settings would be.

On Fri, 2002-10-18 at 13:38, Steve R. Hastings wrote:
> A few weeks ago I sent out an email to this list, with the question:
> > Please, how can I change the font and size of the fixed font?
> To be more specific, I really needed to change the fixed font used by
> GNOME 1 applications such as Evolution.  I could barely read the one
> they were using.
> No one ever gave me any advice.  I did solve the problem, in a very
> hackish way.
> I installed the old GNOME 1 control panel!  Then I changed the fonts in
> the "HTML Viewer" applet.  Then I re-installed the current GNOME control
> panel.
> I got a copy of the old gnomecc .deb file from /var/cache/apt/archives,
> and then installed it using:
> dpkg --force-conflicts -i gnome-control-center_1%3a1.4.0.5-6_i386.deb
> Then when I was done I simply updated all my packages, as usual, and the
> control center updated automatically.
> I look forward to the day when the GNOME 2 control panel can be used to
> change the fixed font.  Until then, I'm keeping a copy of the old .deb
> file tucked away, in case I need to do this hack again.
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