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Re: gnome-terminal: can't change font or font size

On Mon, Oct 14, 2002 at 03:47:14PM -0500, Christopher N. Deckard wrote:
> Now I get a large fixed-width as the font for gnome-terminal.  When

i think it is misc-fixed but not semicondensed, which is what is making
it so big.

> I select other fonts from the drop down provided in the config for
> gnome-terminal, the text in all terminal windows flickers, but the
> font doesn't change.

same thing here.

> galeon does seem to be using a slightly different font too, but I

i havent noticed any trouble with galeon.

> Using gconf-editor to poke the font didn't help any.  Same results as
> using the font select box in the gnome-terminal configure screens.

same here. i checked ~/.gnome-errors to see if gnome-terminal is
outputting any related messages, but i dont see anything.


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