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Re: Strange login error in GNOME2

I also got hit by this problem too. For me the solution was to remove a
file in my home directory. I don't remember which file but got the tip
in this mailing list. Check the archive.


On Mon, Oct 14, 2002 at 11:33:17AM +0100, Pedro C?rte-Real wrote:
> I run gnome2 from experimental and after the last upgrade get a strange
> message on login. It's an error thrown by the gnome-settings-daemon.
> Here it is:
> "An error ocurred while loading or saving configuration information for
> gnome-settings-daemon. Some of your configuration settings may not work
> properly."
> And the details are:
> "Type mismattch:
>   Expected list of list, got list of list"
> Any idea of what this is?
> Pedro Corte-Real.

Christophe Barbé <christophe.barbe@ufies.org>
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