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Re: Gnome 2.0: strange behaviours & questions

Le ven 11/10/2002 à 13:00, David Megginson a écrit :
> Sven LUTHER writes:
>  > > file-roller returns:
>  > > /usr/share/omf/file-roller/file-roller/file-roller-ru.omf:5: error: 

> (I also changed standalone to 'yes', since the file is standalone.)
> How did this ever get into upstream?  Perhaps Sebastien could make the
> change manually to eliminate all of the user confusion, at least until
> upstream clues in.


I've sent an another mail to the upstream about this problem yesterday.
He said that he will do a new release in the next days, so I think we
can wait on this new release.


Sebastien Bacher

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