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Re: galeon-snapshot ?

Hi Sven,

It appears that the version of galeon-snapshot in sid is the one
compiled with the older mozilla-snapshot package.  Everytime I do a
upgrade I end up reverting back to the old mozilla-snapshot package and
all is well.  From what I've seen on the galeon-snapshot bug page,
Schubert doesn't really have much control over it right now, as he's
waiting on a mozilla package with the necessary gtkmozimbed headers. 
I'm sure Takuo is pretty busy with all the packages he maintains.

Takuo: Any word on what's going on with mozilla-snapshot?

Schubert: Maybe we should have galeon-snapshot block upgrading of
mozilla-snapshot?  I mean, I don't know about the rest of you guys, but
the primary reason I want mozilla-snapshot is to have galeon-snapshot. 
It's just so much prettier... :)

Mark Nelson

P.S: Are you the schubert back from #e? It's Nite_Hawk, ltns. :)

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