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gdk-imlib-dev or gdk-imlib1-dev? Which one to use?

Hey everyone,
	I've noticed that gdk-imlib1-dev is now in oldlibs and not
supported anymore on some architectures after browsing my packages via
<http://qa.debian.org>. But libgnome-dev still depends on oldlib's
gdk-imlib1-dev instead of devel's gdk-imlib-dev. I've also noticed the
rather long thread on the BTS:

#159489: libgnome-dev should not depend on imlib1-dev

but I don't really have the time to make sense of it all. So what
should we be doing? Still rely on libgnome-dev to compile GNOME 1.x
applications? Manually rewrite Build-Depends to use gdk-imlib-dev?
Should/Will I have to recompile all my GNOME packages if libgnome-dev
switches over to depend on gdk-imlib-dev?

In short: What's going on? (to a GNOME/GTK+ coding novice)

Yours sincerely,
Andrew "Netsnipe" Lau

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