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Re: Gnome2 hangs for 30 secs in startup.

søn, 2002-10-06 kl. 19:29 skrev Christian Marillat:
> Stian Jordet <stian@jordet.nu> writes:
> > søn, 2002-10-06 kl. 18:13 skrev Christian Marillat:
> > Stian Jordet <liste@jordet.nu> writes:
> [...]
> > I think you have two windows manager in your session. Edit your session
> > with the session properties editor  gnome-session-properties
> > In gnome-session-properties my active session consists of this: 
> > gnome-session-properties (ofcourse)
> gnome-session-properties should not be in your session.
> Can you do a 'grep Program  ~/.gnome2/session' ?


stianj@chevrolet:~$ grep Program  ~/.gnome2/session 
grep: /home/stianj/.gnome2/session: Ingen slik fil eller filkatalog

Which means 'No such file or directory'. But if this is not correct,
it's quite weird, because just for the purpose of testing, I deleted
absolutely EVERYTHING, every .file and .directory, and gets exactly the
same behaviour.

But thanks so far :)

Best regards,
Stian Jordet

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