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UTF8 problems with file-roller2 ...

Hello, ...

I get this often when upgrading and instaling certain packages  :

/usr/share/omf/file-roller/file-roller-ru.omf:5: error: Input is not proper UTF-8, indicate encoding !
      Àëåêñàíäð Êèðèëëîâ
/usr/share/omf/file-roller/file-roller-ru.omf:5: error: Bytes: 0xC0 0xEB 0xE5 0xEA
      Àëåêñàíäð Êèðèëëîâ

This was when installing doc-linux-html.

I have file-roller2 version 2.0.2-1 installed.

It is rather anoying, can i erase the offending file without problem ?


Sven Luther

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