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Re: GNOME 2.1.x is not ready for Debian

On Sat, 2002-10-05 at 10:42, Sven LUTHER wrote:

> > no. garnome is a build system for gnome. you can find more info at
> > http://www.gnome.org/~jdub/garnome/.
> So, you build garnome's gnome2 from the cvs tree or something such, and
> install it all over the place ? Or does it builds .deb (even if it were
> only one) that i can install properly ?
> I guess you install it all over the place, and if so, no thanks, i
> already have a home build XFree86 tree i need for driver developpment
> which installs all over the place, i don't want my debian installation
> corrupted more.

Garnome installs into a nice little contained area - i.e., all in
/opt/gnome, or /usr/local/gnome, or even $HOME/gnome - removing it is as
easy then as an rm -rf 'wherever'.

> Friendly,
> Sven Luther
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