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Small question on kinput2

Hello there
i've got a well working kinput2 on my linux box, but i've got a question
: how can i write small kana ?

I explain myself: I'm an anime otaku, and i noticed some japanese titles
have some small kana, like in "Jungle wa itsumo hare nochi guu", the "u"
from "GUu", is a small katakana... i was unable to type it correctly
using kinput2 ... is there a way i can write those, or not ? That's the
same thing with the word Witch, which in katakana gives : "UitsuCHI",
with smalls "i" & "tsu" ...

Please note i'm not speaking of the small ones we can get with the "down
arrow" key, which is a smaller in width, but a one smaller in height.

If someone knows how we can type this...

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