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Re: Interest in packaging for Debian

On 3/4/23 20:45, Clément Hermann wrote:
Le 04/03/2023 à 11:06, Rock Storm a écrit :
And yes, in terms of packaging, if you are lucky the `dh-make-golang`
tool will do a lot of packaging work for you. Keep in mind it is not
100% perfect and the package might still need some tweaking in
addition to filling in the gaps.

Thanks for considering helping out in Debian!

As Rock said before, that's pretty much it in simple cases for Go packages. What can be tricky is hunting the vendored modules which aren't allowed in Debian > (so you need to package them, or find out if they're not already packaged under another name, etc). But that's more a Go ecosystem thing than a Debian one ;)

While it always makes sense to de-vendor and package and package the dependency, there is no rule/policy that dis-allows vendoring modules as long
as the copyrights are correct. Infact a bunch of packages actually do vendor modules.
(I can't accept you now, sorry, I'd need my token which I don't have with me atm… Hopefyully someone else will ;) ).

Mark, I have added you to the team. Welcome!


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