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Updating golang-github-oschwald-maxminddb-golang and golang-github-oschwald-geoip2-golang


As discussed earlier[1], I'd like to get those two packages updated:
 - golang-github-oschwald-maxminddb-golang: 1.2.0 → 1.8.0
 - golang-github-oschwald-geoip2-golang: 1.1.0 → 1.4.0

 1. https://lists.debian.org/debian-go/2020/12/msg00019.html

The update seems straightforward enough, with the latter depending on an
updated version of the former. In turn, syncthing depends on the latter,
and there are no other dependencies that I (or ratt) could spot. The
3 packages (2 updated + syncthing unchanged) build fine in pbuilder.

I've pushed an updated pu/master branch into both Git repositories for

The one bit I'm not entirely sure of is why golang-gopkg-check.v1-dev
was referenced in earlier versions: golang-github-oschwald-geoip2-golang
mentioned it in some tests (but the testsuite isn't run), while it was
only referenced by golang-github-oschwald-maxminddb-golang in its
go.sum. I suspect both packages might have been worked on simultaneously
and the (Build-)Depends could have been reused, or something like that.

Anyway, as documented in the changelog, the current package to use would
be golang-github-stretchr-testify-dev, but again, testsuites aren't run.

Thanks for your input!

Cyril Brulebois -- Debian Consultant @ DEBAMAX -- https://debamax.com/

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