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Re: Upload and unblock request for buster

On 5/14/19 9:15 AM, Shengjing Zhu wrote:
You can upload to testing-propose-update, after you get approved by release team.

Great, thanks!

So, if I understand properly these docs, and assuming that right now I have docker `18.09.1+dfsg1-7` in debian unstable, I would have to do two things:

1. upload a package with version `18.09.1+dfsg1-7+deb10u1` to testing-proposed-updates

2. also upload a new package to unstable, with a version bump to ensure the version in unstable is above the version in testing-proposed-update.

Should I make this version `18.09.1+dfsg1-7+deb11u1`? But using deb11 feels wrong, as debian 11 does not exist, and in any case packages in unstable ar not supposed to belong to any release. So should I just bump the debian version and go `18.09.1+dfsg1-8`?

I prefer to ask as I know this version numbers are tricky.

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