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rclone now supports symlinks (in experimental)

I've updated rclone to v1.47.

This version is particularly interesting since it now supports symlinks (since v1.46).

I upgraded a handful of dependencies along the way to get a successful build, uploaded to experimental. I haven't uploaded rclone itself yet since golang-github-koofr-go-httpclient and golang-github-koofr-go-koofrclient are now waiting in the NEW queue. All packages involved are pushed to experimental branches in the salsa repos:

I disabled new dlna server support by listing cmd/serve/dlna under Files-Excluded in debian/copyright and using debian/watch (uscan by way of gbp) to repackage without the directory. My go-fu was not strong enough to disable with a simple patch in the code (when I tried it kept giving errors). dlna can be reinstated once golang-github-anacrolix-dms is packaged.

I upgraded golang-google-api to v0.1.0. v0.4.0 is actually available now, but rclone lists v0.1.0 in its go.cmd and I didn't want trouble with possible API breakage.

If you're an rclone user then please [build,] test and review.


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