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Re: Bug#921351: [pkg-go] Bug#921351: prometheus-postfix-exporter: Init script missing

Hi Daniel,

On 11/02/2019 11:13, Daniel Swarbrick wrote:

> In brief, the exporter does not require any changes to logging config at
> all when run in a systemd environment, since it reads the systemd
> journal for the "postfix@-.service" unit. This is why I prefer this
> exporter to the mtail approach.

Yes, I realised that when I was working on the package. But this does
not solve the issue about supporting sysv, so I added a rsyslog snippet
to create the separate logfile, and removed the systemd.enable flag from
the default so both versions use that logfile.

> I'm totally fine with running the exporter as "prometheus" user, however
> that user will need to be added to postdrop group as you mentioned, and
> also to systemd-journal and / or adm group, in order to be able to read
> the postfix unit's journal / logs.

Instead of doing that, which will give too much privileges to the
prometheus user, I granted the group permissions only when starting the
exporter, both in the init script and the service unit.

Martín Ferrari (Tincho)

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