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Re: irtt, salsa and build depends on golang-go

On Feb 6, 2019, at 9:39 AM, Michael Stapelberg <stapelberg@debian.org> wrote:

4) Last question, do you have an opinion on if to enable the irtt server by default at installation? There is no known security risk to doing so. The server has a three-way handshake to prevent reflection/amplification attacks, and some reasonable default restrictions. netperf, for example, enables netserver by default at startup. I guess I would prefer it...

If there are separate client/server packages, I think it’s reasonable to enable the server when the user installed the server package. If no, I’d default to being careful.

I’m not sure if Debian has converged on a clear policy on this, but I do know that it has been discussed at length, repeatedly, over many years.

Duh, I realized it’s already enabled on installation by what’s in the rules file. This is why I need to get in touch with the Debian package again. :)

By the way, just had a look at what irtt is, and it seems pretty cool! Will give it a shot when I get a chance.

Great! One-way delay can be fun to play with (particularly with WiFi), when times are synchronized…

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