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Bug#913348: Locale "i18n" has possibly a wrong value in LC_ADDRESS category

Package: locales
Version: 2.24-11

Locale "i18n" may have a bug in LC_ADDRESS category as it has the value:


that gives "%a%N%f%N%d%N%b%N%s %h %e %r%N%C-%z %T%N%c%N"
instead of "%n%N%a%N%f%N%d%N%b%N%s %h %e %r%N%l%N%C-%z %T%N%S%N%c%N"
which I found in ISO/IEC TR 14652:2002 at
(on page 55). Missing fields seems to be "%n%N", "%l%N" and "%S%N".

Probably this should be verified with the current version of the standard full text which I did not find easily available. But it seems logical that an address begins with "Person's name" ("%n%N") and contains also the "%l%N" and "%S%N" fields.

Also the "locales" package from Debian unstable (version 2.27-8) has the same and possibly wrong value "%a%N%f%N%d%N%b%N%s %h %e %r%N%C-%z %T%N%c%N" in the LC_ADDRESS category in the "/usr/share/i18n/locales/i18n" file.

Anyway I am not sure if any software on my Debian systems actually uses the LC_ADDRESS category, so I probably cannot test what problems this causes (if any). I just noticed this problem by accident when fighting an uphill battle with Mozilla Thunderbird about formating dates and times using a clear ISO way instead of crazy ambiguous formats in various locales (e.g. en_US or cs_CZ etc.). Well maybe when the Borg assimilate us we will finally be able to agree on doing basic things in one standard and most efficient way:D. Until then lets enjoy arguing about miles vs kilometers, AM/PM vs 24H, date formats, timezones, languages and other nonsense:).


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