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Bug#912665: (geen onderwerp)

* Frederik Himpe:

> FYI, this is where it crashes:
> #0  0x00007fc0172239c6 in _IO_fgets (buf=0x7ffc9b2b1640 "
> /dev/aivmhost3-vg/ceph-node1-storage:ceph-ff35163d-b03f-4dbf-a6ce-155730069dc0:4194304:-1:8:8:-1:4096:511:0:511:ZNexTV-ylVb-ltMP-T8Zu-ZklU-cN1I-dETf5o\n",
> n=1024, fp=0x1a90030)
>     at iofgets.c:47

This is the first dereference of the file stream pointer in fgets, so
this suggests a use-after-free application bug (or use-after-fclose in
this case).  It should be visible in valgrind as well.


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