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Bug#912665: libc6: dsm_sa_datamgrd crashes in libc6 since update from 2.27-6 to 2.27-8

Frederik Himpe, le ven. 02 nov. 2018 17:05:09 +0100, a ecrit:
> I upgraded today from libc6 version 2.27-6 to version 2.27-8 in testing. After that, the dsm_sa_datamgrd process, part of Dell OpenManage utilities and started by the dataeng init script, crashes. Reverting to libc6 2.27-6, fixes the problem.

Hum. The changes between -6 and -8 are not in Linux source code, so
I the issue must be coming from the toolchain.  I see that binutils
got bumped from 2.31.1-5 to 2.31.1-7, linux-libc-dev from 4.17.17-1 to
4.18.10-2, and gcc-7 didn't change. -8 was also built on binet instead
of x86-ubc-01


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