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Bug#891505: glibc: Causes FTBFS of gcc-8 on hurd-i386

Svante Signell, on lun. 26 févr. 2018 11:22:22 +0100, wrote:
> creates a defect gen-sysinfo.go file when libc0.3 >= 2.26-* is installed.

A lot of cleanup has happened, yes. The question is what actually made
gcc-8 to break. Just looking at the diff of the build logs, there's

  could not determine number of signals

which seems to come from ./src/libgo/mksigtab.sh, which uses the _NSIG
definition, which does have changed indeed, and the script doesn't seem
to properly deal with it: it discovers the

  #define _NSIG (__SIGRTMAX + 1)

redirection, but not the 



To confirm this hypothesis, you could modify your


  #define _NSIG          (__SIGRTMAX + 1)


  #define _NSIG          32

and check that gcc-8 then builds fine.  It then means that
./src/libgo/mksigtab.sh needs to be improved to take into account the
abovementioned redirections, like it does between _NSIG and __SIGRTMAX


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