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Bug#891505: glibc: Causes FTBFS of gcc-8 on hurd-i386

Svante Signell, on lun. 26 févr. 2018 11:49:46 +0100, wrote:
> Ok, here it is. Be prepared that there are duplicates tough, since the entries
> are generated in different order. (I've made a partial edit by moving around
> stuff, but that is not complete)

Rather than moving around by hand, please just process it through
"sort", so we are sure that there is no manual editting error, for

-// unknowndefine SIGRTMAX (__libc_current_sigrtmax ())// unknowndefine REG_GS REG_GS
+// unknowndefine REG_GS REG_GS

looks very suspicious.


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